7 December 2013

Head in the Sand over Cambodian Drug Use

The Phnom Penh Post recently ran a story about the increase of methamphetamine use by young Cambodians.
A number of university students told stories of meth-fueled parties;meth was now the drug of choice for many, they said.
Their claim is backed by the Australian National Council on Drugs who also claimed that there was a clear upward trend in the use of amphetamines among Cambodia's under-25s. The report also said that rather than smoking it, the injection of meth- with all its associated health risks, was also on the rise.

Keo Kim Dara, deputy secretary-general of the National Authority for Combating Drugs, however is having none of it:
“It’s on a very small scale; not a lot,” he said. “More often it’s government workers, Vietnamese workers and some foreigners.”
Of course, it's those damn Yuon and immoral foreigners, not Cambodian youth that are the problem.
Hard to see how Keo Kim Dara is going to have any influence on tackling drug abuse when he cannot even bring himself to acknowledge the problem.

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