25 November 2013

Australian Gang Moving into Cambodian Casinos?

Are Australian bikie gangs trying to get into the Cambodian casino business?

Casino News says, yes they are.

'Australian motorcycle gangs are looking to buy into Cambodia’s casino market, prompting police to suggest the bikers are looking for international outlets to launder cash from their illegal drug trafficking activities.
Australia’s largest biker gang, the Rebels, has reportedly set up a local chapter in Cambodia, and is looking to buy an existing gaming joint or possibly build their own. The Rebels already operate bars in Phnom Penh, where the gang is believed to have struck up an allegiance with a Thailand-based gang, the Lone Brothers MC. The Herald Sun reported that another prominent Aussie biker gang, the Commancheros, is also considering buying into the Cambodian casino market.'
~Nov 23, 2013

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