16 September 2013

One Dead in Phnom Penh Protests

This Phnom Penh Post video shows the protests began with restraint from both sides.

Later, however, the rally took a dark turn.

One protester was shot dead and another four were wounded by police bullets.

Other reports claimed that police restraint was further waning:

"Protesters began cursing and throwing rocks at the police, who then fired AK-47s into the air at least half a dozen times.
But the incident was marked by immense police brutality. Police could be seen wielding tasers and kicking already-restrained men in the head. As they lay on their stomachs, police smashed them with batons."

Negotiations between the ruling CPP and the CNRP opposition are set down for today.

It's to be hoped that they can work something out before more Cambodians die. 

But with the ruthless, power-hungry, Hun Sen at the table that seems unlikely just yet...

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