8 August 2013

Cambodian Facebook Mystery

'Earlier this morning, at about 9 AM, Metfone users began to report that they were denied access to Facebook. The outage lasted for more than three hours. 

Despite repeated calls and numerous emails sent by NGO staff to Metfone’s customer service department, the only verbal response from the company has been that they were “upgrading their systems and do not know when Facebook would be available again”.'

Could it be that Hun Sen and his CPP party have seen that one reason they took a thrashing in the recent elections is because young Cambodians had their opinions heard on social media sites such as Facebook?

With their well-deserved reputation for biting back against those that oppose you can't blame anyone for blaming the government for the mysterious disappearance of Facebook.

A lack of response from both the ISP company, Metfone, and the government does nothing to allay fears that internet censorship could be a priority for a badly wounded Cambodian People's Party.

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