26 July 2013

Seven 7 VII

I don't talk politics with my students. Nor have they ever attempting to talk politics with me. It's the same with Ann.

But that has changed over the last few days. With the return of opposition leader, Sam Rainsy, to Cambodia, those who were once silent have found a voice.

You can hear it on the street as what once was a trickle of opposition supporters rallying for votes is now a torrent of motorcycles ridden by exuberant, flag-waving, chanting CNRP supporting youths.

And you can hear in now it our school.

"Teacher, teacher who do you want to win?" they ask. 
"You want number 7, teacher," they say.

And they whoop and they holler when you don't deny that you do want number 7, the opposition party, to win

But they won't win. Ballot stuffing, intimidation and a government stranglehold on the media will ensure that.

But change is coming to Cambodia. Not this election, but it is coming...

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