20 July 2013

Lickspittle Media Ignore Rainsy Return

Sam Rainsy took five hours to get from the Phnom Penh airport to Freedom Park in the city such were the crowds that turned out to welcome him.

Estimates put the crowds who lined the streets to see him at 100,000.

Rainsy's return, no matter which side of the political divide you are on, was one one hell of a story.

Yet the television media ignored the event.

State-owned TVK showed nothing of his return.

Neither did CTN and CNC. Or, TV3 or TV5 or TV9. And there was nothing from Bayon and Apsara TV, either.

Nothing, as Hun Sen's lickspittles, the owners of these stations shamefully continued to suck up to the current government.

Television news stations they ain't.

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