15 June 2013

Slightly Interesting Cambodian Facts (23) First Cambodian Comic

A 1966 Cambodian Comic
Cambodia's first comic book- Neytung Neysang- was published in 1964. It was written and drawn by Uth Roeun.

Early signs for the comic weren't good:

"Frankly the illustrations weren't beautiful. I had no idea how to draw properly. When I’d finished illustrating the first one, no printers wanted to take it,” said Uth Roeun.

However once printed in was immediately successful, one run followed another, and Uth Roeun became wealthy.

 Others followed, as comics became hugely popular in Cambodia.

Their popularity fizzled out in the 1980s, though, as television quickly hooked the kids and plagiarism and illegal copying clawed at artists incomes.

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