21 June 2013

Food Safety Cambodia

Formaldehyde Chemical Structure

A Thai consumer group claimed recently that a third of all food products sold in the kingdom are unsafe.

According to the group all sorts of nasty additives are added to food sold there, primarily to improve shelf-life.

I can't see any reason why the situation in Cambodia would be any better than in Thailand. In fact, I suspect it could be a whole lot worse.

"About one-third of the food available in the market is not safe because it often has excessive additives and chemicals, above the standard limit, and the labeling may be wrong, the Foundation for [Thai] Consumers said on Monday.

Pachara Kaewkla, of the Foundation for Consumers, said unsafe foods particularly include meat and other products from processing factories, because additives are added to extend the shelf life of the products.
He said consumers risk ingesting borax, preservative ingredients, colouring and formaldehyde from meat, while  dried foods may contain bleaching substances, colouring and pesticides. Fruits and vegetables may contain residues of insecticides.'

~ the Bangkok Post

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