5 June 2013

Cambodians Close-Mouthed on Politics

When asked if in the past year they had discussed politics just 30% of Cambodians surveyed said yes.*

10% had participated in a meeting on political or social matters.

6% had contributed time to an NGO and 2% time to a political party. Just 3% gave money to a social organization and 2% to a political party during that time.

62% said they wanted no involvement at all with matters political.

When commenting on political matters is, for many, a daily occurrence in the west, that 70% of Cambodians claim to have had no such discussion in a year seems incredible.

Fear is the most likely reason they keep quiet. That and the fact they are resigned to being unable to change little about their country.
*Source: Perceiving and Fighting Corruption in Cambodia  
A quantitative and qualitative survey in five provinces

        February 2007

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