3 June 2013

Cambodian Teachers Most Likely to Seek Bribes

When asked who had requested money from them or their family in the last 12 months:

44% of Cambodians surveyed claimed that a Teacher had done so.
37% said the same of Commune or Sangkat Officials.   
33% had been extorted by traffic police during that time.   

Local police had stood over 21% of Cambodians.

And government bureaucrats put their hands out to 8% of those surveyed.                                               

Just 25% said that no one had requested a bribe.

The report noted that the figures are probably much worse as many Cambodians don't see the giving of small gifts to get something done as corruption. Still more are likely to have denied any acts of corruption due to fear and embarrassment.

source: http://www.pactcambodia.org/Publications/Anti_Corruption/Perceiving_and_Fighting_Corruption_in_Cambodia.pdf                              

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