1 May 2013

Hun Sen Quotes (14): Bulldozing Buildings

Not content with claiming that civil war will break out in Cambodia if his party doesn't win the upcoming election, Prime Minister Samdach Akaek Moha Sena Padei Decho Hun Sen recently made the outrageous claim that should the opposition win they might destroy a multitude of public buildings bearing the PM's name.

"If they [the opposition] win, they may destroy all buildings that have Hun Sen's name on it."

Now, the Prime Minister claims that he and his wife have contributed to the construction of 3,539 schools. (all on a salary of approximately US$2,000 a month) And it may be that they have slapped their names on that number of educational institutions.

But the schools themselves are built using donor or state monies, or the money of his favour-seeking cronies, something that the ever-electioneering Prime Minister counts on a sometimes naive rural population not realizing.

The claim that any new government would swiftly bulldoze these Cambodian state schools is ridiculous and yet another scaremongering statement from an increasingly paranoid-sounding Premier. Unfortunately with most of the media in his pocket these outrageous tactics often hit the mark.

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