9 May 2013

Cambodian Monks Sent Home

Ever thought that Cambodian monks are out collecting alms much later than those in neighbouring countries?

It seems that are late rises, as at least one Thai abbot- Phra Maha Somnuek of Wat Talom - has told his Cambodian guest monks that they needed to get out of bed earlier to do their rounds.

Getting the monks to rise earlier is the least of the problem in some Thai temples however; monks from Cambodia and especially Battambang are frequently caught begging for money.

44 bona fide Cambodian monks have been deported so far this year for doing just that. And recently, 34 Cambodian monks were rounded up in just one afternoon, by Thai police for begging in Chon Buri.

The Battambang monks claim, probably quite rightly, that the locals in their villages are so poor that they cannot spare food for them.

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