17 April 2013

Phnom Penh Party Pooper

Their Khmer New Year party lay in ruins. An electrical storm and a downpour had sent the guests and the band scuttling for cover.

As I watched the neigbours -'His Excellency' and family, and their guests huddled under a makeshift shelter as the rain lashed down it was impossible to suppress a smirk. Or even a guffaw.

For the neighbours in the 'big house' often have parties, taking over the street while a band pumps out window-rattling, ear-splitting noise for hours at a time. And they couldn't care less about those around them.

This time, though, the street sat quiet for an hour or two. And then the storm cleared and the band played window-rattling, ear-splitting noise once again. But-as it was late-just for twenty-minutes.

If only one could summons an extreme weather event every time the neighbours have such a bash. A bolt of lightening to take out the 12-hour karaoke session yesterday would have been most welcome, for example.

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