29 April 2013

Cambodian Prisoners: Like Sardines in a Can

Cambodia’s jails pack prisoners in like sardines in a can. 

In fact Cambodia’s prisons operate at 170% of convict capacity.

Cambodian prisoners now number 15,397. 

Despite efforts by various world governments and NGOs to convince authorities to reduce numbers through community-based sentencing, this represents a drop of just seven prisoners from last year.

655 prisoners are foreigners.

1261 are women

462 are minors.

81 children are currently serving time in prison with their convicted mothers.

The US state department: said in a recently released report that ‘Cambodia’s prisons remain harsh and sometimes life-threatening.’

Indeed they are; many of the 46 Cambodian prisoners who died in custody last year could have been saved had they received the often obvious treatment that they required.

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