31 March 2013

And Then There Were 5: Sarey Skips School

Closed for Teaching...again
There are times when I wonder if there is any point to Khmer school. Then there are times when I know there is not.

Sarey* has left to go and visit her family. And while there are still four days of school left she isn't missing much; her teachers told her they probably wouldn't be teaching at this time because [insert excuse here, I cannot remember which one it was this time].

Sure enough, while her school was full at 1:00 yesterday, the students were already drifting home by 2:00. This follows a term where she has had four days off school so the teachers could supervise grade twelve exams and then another four days off so they could mark papers. The same pattern followed for the grade nine exams.

So that's 20 days without teaching. Then add in a another few days off for teacher meetings and a day or two for... [insert excuse here]

Still the fact that they don't teach for all this time doesn't stop 'em from collecting cash for 'extra classes,' does it?

* For back ground see: And then there were Five

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