20 March 2013

Hun Sen Quotes (11) Human Rights

In yet another woe-is-me whine Cambodian Prime Minister, Samdach Akaek Moha Sena Padei Decho, Hun Sen wondered aloud why people had the temerity to target poor little Cambodia and his government over its human rights record while Thailand was left alone.

"The military coup [in Thailand] ousted Thaksin [Shinawatra] and blocked him from returning to the country, destroyed political parties, cut political rights- and no one criticizes them," the P.M bleated.

Well, the coup did oust Thaksin it's true. But it was widely condemned. 

And Thaksin is not blocked from returning to Thailand, as Hun Sen knows. Rather, Thaksin is on the run after being convicted for being the thieving, corrupt scumbag that he is, while his sister and proxy, runs the country.

None of which matters in the least; abusers of human rights should be named and shamed whoever and where ever they are. What goes on elsewhere excuses nothing. 

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