24 March 2013

At Least the Bastard is Dead

Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim with Ieng Sary (centre), and Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Thiounn Prasith (right) at United Nations Headquarters, 26th September, 1979
UN Photo/Saw Lwin
Ieng Sary or Brother Number 3 was the co-founder of the Khmer Rouge and Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Democratic Kampuchea  from 1975 to 1979.

On trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity Ieng Sary died nearly two weeks ago, and thus he and his many victims never received the justice they deserved.

The evil one's cremation was on Thursday and was attended by thousands. And despicably the man who lit the funeral pyre was the governor of Pailin province, Y Chheam.

What sort of man is the governor to deliver such an official sanction and a smack in the face to the victims of the Khmer Rouge? And not a squeak from the Cambodian government.

At least the bastard is dead.

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