10 March 2013

And then there were 5: Socheata and the Freezer

The usual way Cambodians keep food cold
It was International Women's Day, so Socheata and Sarey* were off for the day.

As we were working we asked Socheata to cook. Everything required could be found in the fridge or freezer. But she couldn't get her head around the meat in the freezer. Which meat to choose? How long would it take to thaw? Would it thaw?

For so long she had never had a fridge let alone a freezer and all decisions were made for her anyway. So, this seemingly simple decision began to stress her. She couldn't work it out.

Shortly after she happily got on her bike and made her way to the market where unfrozen meat could be found and simple decisions made.

*Background can be found here

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