21 March 2013

A Step Back in Time (9) 1960- Listening to Radio in My Back Yard

The Southeast Asia Digital Library holds a fascinating collection of photographs from the region. 

Permission has been given by the rights-holder, Northern Illinois University, to reproduce this image

Title Listening to Radio in My Front Yard
Creator Ebihara, May Mayko
Description (Adults Back Row: House 7 Van, House 7 Koi, House 12 Toi, ?, House 15 Ton, An, Coom, Yeii Nehm, An Standing Front Left; Cil Standing: House 11 Mon, ?, House 15 Mui, Pan, House 2 Kamau, House 6 Cak; Cil Sitting: Suang, Canpuan, House 13 Vanii, House 8 K'nau, House 6 Hoon, House 15 Tuit and S'kon, House 11 San, House 8 Nyot, House 14 S'meet, House 2 Kon, Siap) Kandal Province, Cambodia 

Description This item digitized and made available online with funds provided by United States Department of Education, TICFIA (Technological Innovation and Cooperation for Foreign Information) 

Publisher Northern Illinois University Libraries - Southeast Asia Digital Library (http://sea.lib.niu.edu)
Publisher The May Ebihara Collection
Contributor The May Ebihara Collection, Northern Illinois University 

Date 1960-02-07 

Source The May Ebihara Collection: Ethnographic Research in Rural Community, 1950-1995.
Coverage Cambodia
Rights May Mayko Ebihara, Northern Illinois University 


  1. Wonderful to see old pictures like these...

  2. There is something about them, isn't there?