26 January 2013

Phnom Penh Rates Poorly for Infrastructure

Phnom Penh's city hall is studying the feasibility of running a subway
 under the city, apparently.
Don't hold your breath. 

A recent study determined that Phnom Penh rates just 194th out of the 221 cities surveyed for infrastructure. Cambodia's capital was even beaten by Yangon, Myanmar which placed 180th.

The study measured traffic congestion, public transport, electricity and water supply, availability of flights out of the city, and mail and telephone services.

The world's best city for infrastructure is Singapore, according to the study. Kuala Lumpur- with a ranking of 80th- was the only other Southeast Asian country to make the top 100.

Worldwide, Port-au-Prince in Haiti came in last, whilst Dhaka in Bangladesh has Asia's worst infrastructure.

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