5 January 2013

Good News Cambodia (3) Measles

Recent figures suggest that the nationwide immunization program
has all-but defeated measles in Cambodia
Both the World Health Organisation and the Cambodian Ministry of Health believe that Cambodia has all-but eradicated measles from the country.

 Cambodia is moving closer to the nationwide elimination of measles with the National Immunization Program reporting zero cases for a full 12 months in 2012, according to a joint statement by the World Health Organization ( WHO) and Cambodia's Health Ministry on Wednesday.'

The joint statement went on to claim:

"This is a dramatic reduction from 2011 when over 700 cases of measles in children were reported and 2008 when there were over 1, 800 cases," the statement said.

The cynic in me finds in unbelievable that recorded cases of measles could drop from 700 to zero in just a year and that the figures may have been manipulated  to make both bodies look good would not surprise me an iota.
Still, it seems that the fight against the scourge of measles is being won.

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