13 January 2013

Cambodian Alcohol Consumption

Cambodia ranks 114th for world alcohol consumption The Khmer consume 4.77 litres of pure alcohol each year; a hefty amount compared to other ASEAN countries such as Indonesia (0.59 litres), Singapore (1.55) and Vietnam (3.77).

Cambodians drinking efforts fall well behind their Thai and Lao neighbours though, (7.08 and 6.73) and they appear almost teetotal compared to the world's-heaviest drinkers, the Moldovans who swill their way through a mighty 18.22 litres of pure grog each year.



Pure alcohol consumption among adults (age 15+) in litres per capita per year*

Indonesia                        0.59

Malaysia                      0.82

Singapore                        1.55

Vietnam                             3.77

Cambodia                          4.77

 Philippines                     6.38

 Laos                                   6.73

Thailand                              7.08

New Zealand                  9.62

Moldova                         18.22


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