17 December 2012

Busy-bodies and Phnom Penh Muffins

Bought today at the popular Angkor Market in the Russian Market suburb of Phnom Penh.

As I put them on the counter to purchase, a nosy NGO-type westerner, complete with NGO bag and tee-shirt, came up behind me and nosily said, "They're really expensive!'

"Yes," said I whilst thinking, Really?! There's always someone who can't mind their own business!

'Just for a treat, those," she continued, unable to take the hint of a cold shoulder.

She then pointedly commented at length on the advertising brochure of another NGO displayed on the counter.

I took it that I was supposed to feel guilty about spending my money in such a way whilst there is such poverty outside the door.

That of course ignores the fact that such purchases provide jobs for the locals.

 And it ignores the fact that supermarkets should be places you can shop without being bothered by busy-bodies.

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