10 November 2012

Phnom Penh's Penniless Pushed Out

Pompous government representatives, bloated with self-importance and with no true regard for the people they supposedly serve are hardly exclusive to Cambodia.

So when the time comes for a country to host any number of official UN or heads-of-government type meetings, the before mentioned pompous, bloated with self-importance representatives, seek to clear the 'riff-raff' from their city streets; they hope that other pompous, bloated with self-important dignitaries, take away a favourable view of the host country.

And that is what will happen here in Phnom Penh for the forthcoming ASEAN summit.

"If the leaders from across ASEAN and the world see beggars and children on the street, they might speak negatively to the government," said Phnom Penh Municipal Hall spokesman Long Dimanche.

And of course the cry-babies who mostly make up the Cambodian government don't want to be spoken to in a negative way no matter that it's true beggars and labouring-children are to be found in great numbers throughout Cambodia's capital city.

So they pack them up and force them to Prey Speu which, no matter how much the government spins it as a training centre, is a detention facility.

"We plan to collect beggars and children who are walking and selling goods and fruit on the street, and put them into Prey Speu," said Long.

To be fair, such action likely has the support of other delegates to the summit, the sight of the poor attempting to earn a crust would put these pompous, bloated with self-importance representatives, right-off their 5-star hotel lunches, too.

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