6 November 2012

Cambodian Black Magic (2)

"Get out, or you’re dead."

Accused of being sorcerers that was the advice the villagers of Somkul gave to a 52-year-old man and his extended-family in 2011. 

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Whether the man and his family took the advice and fled I do not know, but it would have been wise to heed the threat as they still murder 
so-called sorcerers in Cambodia.

For that's what happened to 42-year-old Pursat province resident and farmer Neth Mouy.

Suspected by fellow-villagers of practicing black magic that caused 6 townsfolk to mysteriously become ill, Neth Mouy was hacked to death by at least 2 assailants.

Police have ruled out any sort of argument setting off the lethal assault:

 "He was murdered because he was known as a sorcerer," police said. 

Neth Mouy leaves behind five children and a wife. And it seems unlikely-as the family of an alleged magician-that they will receive any support or compassion from their neighbours.

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