3 November 2012

And then there were 5: Cambodian Pocket Money

How much pocket money should a Cambodian girl of 13 receive?

Sarey* needs her own money, but just how much was proving something of a quandary. 

So I surveyed my Young Learner classes.

None thought pocket money wasn't a good idea. A few thought $1 a day. Some thought a $1.50. But most thought 10,000 riel, or $2.50 a day was appropriate. 

That may not seem like a lot, but when you consider the average monthly wage in Phnom Penh is $100 a month and outside of the capital it is a mere $30 dollars, $2.50 also seems like plenty.

My young learners are mostly rich and a classroom discussion on their spending habits revealed that perhaps they didn't need the higher figure they originally suggested.

So we have opted for a dollar. And Sarey seems happy with that. Ecstatic even.

Let's see if she spends it well.

*What Happens When Two Young Cambodians Enter the House?
See background here:

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