22 January 2013

When Your Cot is a Cambodian Cart: Reprised

It's Phnom Penh. So, it's hot. Blazing hot.

This lady makes her living collecting glass and cans and paper and cardboard to sell for recycling. She's just one of many making a living in this way.

 It's hot, dirty and tiring work. She traipses the city streets and goes through the trash looking to fill her cart. Sometimes residents will call her over. But they don't give her their glass and cans and paper and cardboard- they sell it too her. Every bit counts for most Cambodians. And for all that hard work she makes about $2.50 per day.

Walking towards her cart I caught a glimpse of a pair of chubby little brown legs. A closer look showed me that there was a wee baby sleeping under all that cardboard.

It's Phnom Penh. So it's hot. Blazing hot. There is little to stimulate the mind of this little one and one suspects as he or she grows older school might be a distant possibility.

So,  what chance do you have in life when your cot is a Cambodian cart?

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