18 October 2010

Cambodian Students Blogging

Last term I had my young Cambodian students writing a class blog. They enjoyed it and it gave them the chance to improve their computer skills whilst working on their English, too. For all of them the experience is competely new; many of them are on 'FaceBook,' but they had no idea about blogs at all.

It was so successful that I am doing it again with my new intake of students. They aren't as tech-savvy as the last group but they are developing quickly. Like all Cambodian students the biggest job is drumming out of them the idea that a quick cut-and-paste job of someone else's work is acceptable.

After several explanations they get it- but like any young kids they are always looking for shortcuts so the teacher has to be extra vigilant!

Should anyone feel like making a comment on any of the posts- and the students would be delighted- then go here for my class:

Or, here for Ann's higher-level Young Learners Class:

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  1. Phillip, thanks for sharing your student's blogs. It's always interesting to read about what young people think and such a wonderful way to practice their writing skills.