11 October 2010

Bangkok Police Bribes Continue

Disgusting Child pornography continues to be on sale in Bangkok’s busiest tourist strip, Sukhumvit Road.

Apparently keeping a straight face whilst lying through his teeth, chief of Lumpini police station, Saravuth Chindakham, claimed that they were attempting a crackdown on the repugnant pornography peddlers. It’s difficult to catch them; the Police Colonel would try and have us believed because the vendors scarpered before the police arrived.

In other words they are tipped off.

The best the hopeless Saravuth could offer was that: “... pressure from police will make it difficult for them to do business.” This doesn’t seem to be true as Bangkok Post reporters found that at most the Sukhumvit sellers of filth merely folded up their tents at the first sign of trouble only to return after a few hours.

Two things are obvious here:

1. The Bangkok bobbies aren’t just bumbling, they are horribly corrupt; they allow child pornography to be sold on the streets so that they can grasp as much baht as they can. Horrible, disgusting, evil people. Time spent rotting in Bangkok’s notorious Bang Kwang Central prison would be too good for them.

2. There wouldn’t be any child pornography on Sukhumvit Road if there wasn’t the demand. And if you aren’t familiar with Sukhumvit Road, it’s popular with tourists from around the world; with Asians, Europeans, Russians, and Australasians, and ever-increasing numbers from the Middle East. It doesn't matter where they come, the buyers of this stuff are too, horrible, disgusting, evil people. Time spent rotting in Bangkok’s notorious Bang Kwang Central prison would be too good for them.

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