27 October 2010

Alleged Killers Walk Free

In 2009, two young girls were raped and brutually murdered in Pursat province, Cambodia. The girls were hung from a tree but not before one had her eyes gouged out and both her legs broken.

Horrible stuff, yet today two of the alleged assailants walked free with court officials claiming that they didn't have enough evidence. Perhaps they had a point. Afterall, the bodies were simply buried the day after they were found; no proper autopsy was carried out, and no fingerprints or DNA were collected. That, sadly, is common.

I don't know if the police don't do such things because they don't know how to, or they don't have the facilities. Or, if some of them don't really care enough to do the job properly, and would rather get back to the 'real' work of a policeman: scamming the locals.

Harsh? Maybe, but you hear too many stories to dismiss it out-of-hand.

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