8 August 2010

Phnom Penh Police Pummelling

Police position themselves at most busy street intersections in Phnom Penh, waiting to flag down errant motorcyclists without wing mirrors or helmets, or with oversized loads.

Heading down Street 63 and through three such policed-crossings last week on the back of a bike, I witnessed - whilst ducking at the same time - four to five policemen at each junction hurling stones at a young male and helmet-less motorcyclist who was recklessly racing through each intersection.

Miraculously, he wasn't toppled. His was a brand new motorbike without wing mirrors and he didn't have a helmet, so I presume that was the reason. Either that or it was his speeding. He got away but how many get stoned and actually hurt?

Certainly an interesting police tactic!


  1. do you wear a helmet - sounds a bit scarey for me

  2. Moto is the only way to get around really- there isn't a public transport system. There are the tuk-tuks but they are more expensive and sooo slow.

    Wearing a helmet is the law for drivers and will be soon required for passengers, too.