15 July 2010

How to Alienate your Customer Phnom Penh Style

I decided to check out Phnom Penh's local clothes shops. Just like Thailand, there are always many staff that surround you once you reveal an interest in an item - always best to keep a straight face unless you want to buy.

On this occasion I only wanted to see what was available in my new home town. There is a large store on Sihanouk Rd - The New Collection. Aimed at wealthy Khmer and foreigners, it has three floors of women's and men's clothing, shoes, accessories and jewellery.

I perused all three floors followed by 5 staff who interchanged on each floor at the stairs. Today, I wasn't buying, I wanted to see what was available so that I could come again and buy what I needed - this is how I shop.

As I wandered the staff produced deep annoying sighs, finally resulting in one staff member shouting to those on the stairs, "She nothing buy!"

As I descended the stairs I was met with disapproving looks - I felt terrible!

Did they not think that I might live here, and I would come again. However, I will NEVER step foot in the place again!

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