12 May 2010

Diarrhea Fighting Scarecrows

So what happens to the millions-upon-millions of dollars of foreign aid and UN money that flows into Cambodia every year? Who would bloody know? Certainly not much of it seems to reach the people that require it most.

Look at the folk in rural Kampot; some villagers there are dying from chronic diarrhea because they haven't yet been educated as to the importance of boiling their drinking water. Such an education project would be a simple enough exercise you would think but yet it hasn't happened.

Instead rural Cambodians continue to react to diarrhea outbreaks by fleeing their homes and going into the jungle, or by erecting scarecrows and burning fires to ward off the ghosts that they believe are responsible for the sickness.

Scarecrows as a deterrent to diarrhea in the 21st Century! That's an outrage; it's time to ask your government and the UN just what it is they do with all of that taxpayers cash. 'Cause value for money it ain't.

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