30 April 2010

Shocking Service

Just as we get our lap tops up and running again, and our internet connection goes down. That's annoying for us but worse news for the technician who comes out to try and solve the problem.

He arrives soon enough- just a few hours after we first call- and he quickly sees the problem. Trouble was he was too quick to take action; he boldly took hold of a live wire and cut through it with some pliers! Electricity bolted through his body and finally exited out one arm. He looked dazed but wouldn't sit down. Instead he clambered aboard his motorcycle and sped away. We couldn't stop him.

The connection was fixed the next day without incident and the workman told us his mate was in hospital for the day and that he should be OK. Makes us wonder about the standard of instruction for wanna-be electricians, though. There is a training centre here in Phnom Penh, but how good can it be?

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