15 January 2010

Making a Beeline for It

090 is a highly fashionable series of numbers in Phnom Penh.

090 at the beginning of your cell phone number means that you are with 'Beeline' a new Russian company that has stormed the Cambodian telecom market.

090 numbers are pushed with a super-slick marketing effort unparalleled in this country and as good as anything seen in the West. Cambodians are lapping it up as its promotional efforts draw throngs of new and excited customers into Beeline's sales offices.

090 numbers draw 'ooohs' and 'aaahs' when giving out such a phone number and even  a pre-paid Beeline card being carried on the street draws admiring glances.

It's not Beeline's service products that make it stand apart from the telecom pack- it's rates and coverage are similar to the others- it's simply that its marketing zings.

Beeline sets the standards for promotional and advertising efforts and the Cambodian public have responded. Other companies will quickly follow -they have too- and with that will come the need for a whole legion of copywriters, creatives and marketing experts. That means more jobs and more skills; it has to be a good thing.


  1. cute marketing concept, i wonder if it will hit our shores!

  2. Hi Jenny,

    I'll let you know if it looks like heading Australia's way.

    They have give-aways also. Recently they did a 'bee' striped deckchair. It would suit Sydney shores. They had people piled up outside their head office desperate to get their hands on one.

    The kudos attached to it is enormous.

    So pleased we have them. : )