18 January 2010

Cambodian Time

We arranged for 8 girls from the centre to come and visit us at our home on Sunday. They were due at 1 o'clock. They arrived at 9 in the morning.

We had offered free English lessons to our neigbours kids; the young ones were scheduled for Friday and Saturday. They arrived for the Friday class, didn't turn up on Saturday and, inexplicity, walked through our door on Sunday at 9 o'clock for a lesson.

The older group of neigbouring kids were due on Sunday at 10; they didn't turn up at all.


  1. Hi Ann & Philip,

    Very hard to work around that sort of wonky timing (love the clock that illustrates this blog). Mind you, it wasn't that long ago that "popping in" unexpectedly for a cup of tea and home cooking was the norm in New Zealand. Pity that part of our culture has almost gone and friends look a bit shocked if you turn up unannounced.

  2. Hi Sheri,

    Yes, you're quite right. It is a pity that that part of our culture is disappearing. Maybe we should revel in having the chance for this to be going on around us.

    Hopefully in time, as I learn the language and we start to understand how Cambodians think, this 'popping in' will not seem so strange to us, or as wonky as that clock.

    Ann : )