25 January 2010

A Cambodian Curveball

"Hello!" "Goodbye!"
That was the constant chorus we heard through our locked front gate. It was the neighbours young kids; they are off school today and were, we thought, just practicing their English.

A few minutes later Philip went downstairs just to say a quick g'day. As soon as he did one determined little girl walked through the gate and sat herself down in our classroom. She was followed by another and then another, until six very young Cambodians were sitting at their desks waiting expectantly.

They were here for a lesson! A free lesson!

We're not sure whether our message that the free lessons we had given earlier were only a one-off had ever really got through or if the parents were just pushing their luck and sending their kids to our door in the hope that we would teach them. Or, perhaps the kids had decided for themselves that they wanted some entertainment?

Either way we are left wondering: what do we do next week!

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