16 December 2009

Waffles and Rubber Gloves

Ann had been sick with a mild bug for a few days and so hadn't been eating. But that has passed and now she is hungry. And a hungry Ann is a dangerous Ann. She must be feed. Immediately!

So we are at a roadside food place sipping a delicious iced coffee and looking for something to eat. Trouble is though, like many Cambodian food places it is difficult to tell just what is on the menu- either the food is hidden from sight or it's hard to tell just what the hell it is.

Nevermind, Ann has seen exactly what she is after. Waffles! Yep, waffles in this little shack of a place by the road. Perfect.

So Ann summons one of the workers: "Waffles, please."
Back comes a blank look.
"Waffles. I would like some waffles, please."
The girl doesn't undestand so Ann gets up and walks with her to the food cabinet.
"Waffles, please," she asks again, pointing at the waffles in the cabinet.
Now the girl is really confused but in excellent English she explains to this simple foreigner: "No ma'am they are not waffles that is a pair of rubber gloves."

And they were.

If you too, get your waffles confused with your rubber gloves, the gloves are displayed on the left.


  1. Spooky...rubber gloves in a food cabinet??

  2. I know!!!

    Jill, I don't think I am ever going to live this one down.

    It is interesting what hunger does to you after a bout of sickness.
    I obviously was seeing what I really fancied eating at the time...some freshly cooked waffles.

    I wasn't going completely mad though - waffles can be seen in Phnom Penh on the mobile street vendors - I just haven't been quick enough to catch one yet.

    Ann : )