3 December 2009

Our Cambodian Home II

It's a little further out from the centre of the city than we would prefer but the price is right. It's brand new so it's clean and everything is in working order and the neighbourhood is quiet.

Best of all it's big -four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and two big living areas- so we can begin teaching downstairs whilst living on the upper floor. And we are sure that the cat will approve; with just a couple of wussy 'toy' dogs across the street and not another feline in sight, he will soon be the ruler of a brand new territory!

Most Cambodian houses, like those in Thailand, look drab and somewhat imposing from the outside (and often the insides are no different) because of their heavy gates and barred windows. There's no way of getting away from that and of course the security does give peace of mind.

We move in on the 14th of this month- providing our household goods have arrived from Thailand by then. In the meantime the search for school furniture, students and good local food begins!


  1. Wow!! FOUR bedrooms!! Take away one for yourselves, one for Vanna = two left to rent out to visiting farangis(sp?)to supplement the rent :)

  2. Hi Jill, : )

    We were hoping to get 4 bedrooms so that some of the girls from the Centre could stay in our house. Some of the ones who don't want to go back to their communities come to Phnom Penh looking for work: we think we could help them by providing their initial accommodation in the 'big city,' and also work on improving their English.

    Farangs minus the 'i'. In Cambodia foreigners are called barangs, so very similar to Thailand.

    And yes you're quite right, there is also a spare room here for the next time you travel. : )

    Great to see you back from your wonderful trip to Argentina.

    Ann : )

  3. I had absolutely no idea that Cambodia was so rich and had such modern beautiful countries. Every once in a while you hear something that changes you thoughts completely. That happened to me with Argentina. I thought it was just another Latin American country, nothing new and I was totslly wrong. A friend of mine came from there and said I had to see it for myself. So the following vacations I went there. I got a hotel in buenos aires and started exploring the city. There were parts that were rich and had houses with gardens, pools and fountains. Also very luxurious buildings and don´t get me started on hotels. Everything surprised me and was more beautiful than I had ever thought. I´m planning on going back with my family. Maybe the same thing will happen to me with Cambodia!