10 December 2009

Computer Classes But No Computers

Just like kids everywhere, Cambodian youngsters are fascinated by computers. But for most young Cambodians the chance to explore in depth the world of computers is rare.

Some of the kids at the centre that we visit are learning a little about computers without being able to learn on an actual computer. That's common; most schools cannot afford PC's so computer lessons are conducted using printed sheets rather than hands-on practice.

A few of the older girls are lucky in that they manage to get a few moments here and there on a PC but that's no substitute for dedicated practice and relevant instruction. Easy to see why then that my computer was popular as soon as it was pulled from its bag when we stopped by last week.

We'll take two laptops out on Saturday and deliver a simple hands-on Microsoft Word lesson, which will be a good way to improve their English and computer skills. Showing the wonders of the Internet will follow; incredibly not one of the girls has ever used or seen the web.

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  1. No access to a computer? Wow, I can hardly go a day without mine.