25 December 2009

A Cambodian Christmas

Huffing and puffing up stairs while carrying furniture is not our idea of the perfect Christmas day. But when someone else is doing the puffing, and it's our furniture, fridge and fans- finally they cleared Cambodian customs- being carried up the stairs, then it makes for a mighty fine Christmas present!

All done in just a few hours, with one deadstill stop by everyone so that our next-door neighbour could make merit.  

So it's cold beer and wine with Christmas dinner; just in the nick of time!

Merry Christmas everyone!
~Philip and Ann


  1. Great to see the furniture has arrived...
    Good to see the santa helpers...
    The place looks great...
    Time to set back and have a wine...
    Merry christmas to you both..
    You are going great...
    Well done...
    Mark & Paula.

  2. Hi Mark & Paula, : )

    So wonderful to see your comments on the blog. A 'Reeves' Merry Christmas.

    Yes, we couldn't believe it ourselves. It turned out to be the best Christmas present ever.

    The two most important things being:
    1. The fridge being plugged in - cold drinks and butter for toast!!!
    2. The bed put together.
    Sleeping on the floor makes you dream of your bed.

    And, Santa's helpers were great. They unpacked it all in 2 hours.

    The rest of the day for us was spent unpacking all the bits and pieces, whilst enjoying cold drinks from the fridge - and yes we did have a wine - and anticipating a good night's sleep.

    Have a great New Year you guys.

    Ann & Philip : )